Experience The Sublime!

Wiser people than me have said to find something you love to do and it will no longer feel like work.... After 30 years in the corporate field, I'm taking their advice!

I've always been blessed with a talent to cook delicious food. From volunteering in Emmaus retreat kitchens, to the St. Theresa School fair - where we served 3,000 in one weekend. And of course countless of events for friends and families.

So.... I launched a Go Fund Me fundraising campaign for friends and families to purchase a food truck. What a humbling and inspiring process. 75 people donated and made this dream a reality! Old friends, new friends, ......and especially from my prayerful community of ministries that I have had the honor of serving all these years.

After a year, Chef Gordon Ramsay called to say he was hosting a new television program profiling trucks from all major cities. We were chosen for South Florida! He and I had a "cookoff" and I won on a blind taste test! That catapulted our business. We subsequently sold the truck and became a tradition caterer.  Later I was profiled by Chef Tyler Florence and on other food shows.  A heartfelt thanks to all! 

Celebrity Chefs

The founder, co-owner and Executive Chef, Chef Jorge, was chosen by Chef Gordon Ramsay for a cookoff in Miami’s own Little Havana. They both competed head to head with The Stuffed Cuban’s Signature Appetizer – Stuffed Tostones. Chef Jorge won in a blind test test!
Chef Tyler Florence chose Chef Jorge to cook a whole roasted pig on his national Food Network Show.
When local news channels want to highlight how to cook Cuban food –
Chef Jorge is the one to be showcased!