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When Chef Gordon Ramsay came to South Florida seeking classic Cuban cuisine he called The Stuffed Cuban. This was for a show on Fox he was hosting called the "F Word". Then he challenged me to a cook-off using my menu choice. I chose to compete with him with Stuffed Tostones! I chose a classic Cuban roast pork and he chose a classic English ground lamb. Over 100 guests showed up at Domino Park in Little Havana. Classic Cuban beat Classic England! ‚Äč

A year later, Chef Tyler Florence came to Miami seeking the best whole roasted pig in town and he called The Stuffed Cuban!  We roasted a whole pig using my roasting box on the beach at Key Biscayne for a food completion shows he hosted. The contestants used my pork to sell in different varieties all over Miami!

Shortly thereafter, the national television program called Edicion Especial asked for a local area chef with expertise in Cuban food to host a cooking segment.  I made stuffed tostones with garlic shrimp and yuquita fritas with cilantro sauce!

Recently, Chef Charlie Colon joined us as an Executive Chef. Charlie was the former head chef at Smith and Wollensky, Shelbourne Beach Club and Celebrity Caterers.

In 2019, The Stuffed Cuban's home town of Coral Gables named us the top caterer!