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Wedding Daytime Setup

Stuffed Tostones!

​with pork, shrimp or groundbeef

Roast Pork!

           Roasted Whole!

Our New Menu Item!  Arroz Chino Cubano!             Cuban Chinese Fried Rice!

  Wedding Evening Setup

Traditional paella!

​ Seafood, Meat lovers and Chicken

Let us cater your next wedding, corporate party

or private event! 60 guests up to 1,000! 

Our catering options include traditional Cuban Cuisine: an Entire Pig in a Roasting Box, Stocked Seafood Paellas and Meat Lovers with Chorizo, Ham, Pork and Chicken. Tostones stuffed with traditional Cuban Comfort Food: Pulled Pork, Mojito Chicken, and much more!  Plus, try our new addition of Yuca Frita (Cassava Fries) with home made cilantro sauce!  60 Guests Minimum

Live on national TV

.        Chef Gordon Ramsey

         Chef Tyler Florence

Paella Negra

    Baby Octopus and Shrimp

              in Squid Ink

        La Caja Stuffed Cuban!

​              Roast a Whole Pig!